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The last few months with worldwide changes, new directions and opportunities led also the WBA to reinvent its structure.

 Anyone who is interested in The Art of Bodypainting can become a member of the association. There will be no longer a membership fee as well as a splitting into BASIC and PREMIUM members.

We are opening the WBA to everyone who is interested in our passion and we invite everyone to participate creatively in the design of THE NEW WORLD BODYPAINTING ASSOCIATION (WBA) – a STRONG LOBBY  for a modern artform!


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The World Bodypainting Association (WBA) was founded on October 12, 2001 by Alex Barendregt also CEO of the WB Production which is responsible for the World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) as the biggest Bodypainting event worldwide.

Besides the WBF the WBA stands for the „HOME“ of Bodypainting as a popular and modern artform. The main focus and goal of the association is to promote and bring awareness of this art while building a worldwide community and network of artists and supporters.


The association holds members through out all continents and fields of the comprehensive world of bodypainting. It acts as informational provider through latest news, events and offers an insight to companies and product growth for the industry at large.

It looks after the interests of artists who have either made bodypainting their profession, or just paint for a hobby, including photographers, models and video-film makers.




  • Access to our Facebook group for communication on social media, share your projects and inspirations
  • Partner discounts
  • Benefits at the World Bodypainting Festival
  • Regularly newsletter (not more than 10 per year!)
  • Special discounts on the WB Academy program
  • Event Calender for your own activities
  • Free visitor access to selected activities & competitions
  • Possible application for WBA sanctioned evetn for your own events and bodypainting competitions. By being sanctioned by the WBA, you will receive our support and assistance with organizing guidelines, agreements, advertising and much more…



To join our community you only need to fill out the registration form just to get to know each other.

Member registration via the Form

 * We reserve the right to exclude member inquiris that disregard the values of our community (e.g.ponographic content). The WBA does not serve as a commercial sales platform.


Video Documentary of the World Bodypainting Festival as a HOME of Bodypainting. The reason why we started also the Association:



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