Arctic Bodypainting Retreat 2024

From 6 - 12 August, a unique journey into the essence and secrets of the Lofoten Islands, through colorful experiences, movement, hula-hoop, body and soul expression in wild nature will be organized by Vilija Vitkute, World Bodypainting Champion - Special Effects, 2019.

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Flyer Vernissage 4th November 2023


Natascha Zenig brings fairy tale, film and obscure fantasy figures to life with the help of special effect make-up + body painting and has them staged by renowned photographers. The result is an artistic work of art without equal. Let yourself be whisked away into a world that you otherwise only know from the cinema screen.

The vernissage and opening will take place on 04.11. at 19:00 in Villach, Tart Galerie, Widmanngasse 16 and the exhibition will run until 29.11.2023.

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A Rose for Venice

Blog by Alex Barendregt: "So, there it is - A Rose for Venice, captured by national media in Italy, and as I was on site, captured also from my side. But let me tell you first. So we have been celebrating bodypainting and installation artist Elena and Mattia's wedding the day before and the weather forecast didn't look good, in fact, on the day of this amazing art project the weather was shit as hell. I didn't expect that this can even happen. Packed with our gear, soaked wet from head to toe, Anna and I got finally to the square San Marco.
Rain was pouring, hundreds of volunteers waiting under the arches but still very optimistic that Elena can pull it off.
Check it out, turn up the volume to get the mood.

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Beauty Design Exhibition in Seoul with WBF Content

The Korean Make-up Artist Association, KMAA is presenting a beauty exhibition in the prestigious Seoul City Hall in South Korea. The exhibition shows works from the beauty and bodypainting Industry with some Korean artists and many images from the past World Bodypainting Festival. Chairman of the WBA and Director of the World Bodypainting Festival Alex Barendregt has opend the exhibition last weekend, February 12th, 2023 with the KMAA President Yuri Kim as well as co-orgainzer Park Jung Min.

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WB Academy ONLINE - Action Bodypainting with Mike Shane

We are happy to introduce our new programs for 2021 by the World Bodypainting Association & the World Bodypainting Festival. We have created in the past a huge amount of content which we, with our international well known WB Academy Instructors, would like to open up especillay for you together.
You can get this content now ONLINE and we are very happy to share the first session in October: "Action Bodypainting" with Mike Shane, October, 27th 2021

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2020 what a crazy year! - How does it feel for Eva-Maria Schulz (Germany)

(Article in German) Für fast alle Künstler rund um den Globus war das Jahr 2020, mit der uns leider noch immer beschäftigenden und anhaltenden Corona-Pandemie, ein sehr Einschneidendes und Herausforderndes. Bisherige Strukturen, Projekte und über Jahre hinweg aufgebautes, änderten sich rasant von einem Tag auf den anderen. Wir haben bei Eva-Maria Schulz (Germany) nachgefragt wie sie die Situation erlebt hat und damit umgegangen ist. 

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The Memory of Water, New Calendar out now!

There is a lot of exciting news coming up from many artists around the world during the pandemic. For example, WBA member Swedish Artist Vilija Vitkuté and her team have been working like crazy in the past months and created a huge production, "The Memory of Water" project.

After getting awarded with the World Champion title at the World Bodypainting Festival in 2019, she got a big drive in moving her art forward. The "Memory of Water" has been her focus since and today she announces the first big publication, the 2021 calendar. Let's jump into her world with her affection to the Arctic lands.

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Rachel Deboer ALS Call for support

Imagine Corona Virus wiping out your income, loosing your father to suicide and then being diagnosed with ALS all within a few months. This year has been a hard one for many people around the world but for Rachel Deboer in San Francisco the challenges have come hard and fast.

Rachel is a substitute teacher, facepainter and entertainer. Covid 19 decimated all three of those industries. Now she is in the beginning stages of finding a way to deal with her diagnosis for a condition that has a mortality rate of 20 to 48 months with 10-20% of ALS patients surviving longer than 10 years. Rachel has shown amazing strength in finding her way through the diagnostic process and searching through the therapy options.

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PICTURE OF PEACE, a Social Body Art Project by Dennis Fixman

The World Bodypainting Association got noted about this beautiful project, so we are very happy to share it on our channel.

It's a very thoughtful project that Dennis Fixman and his team from Belarus created for the International Children’s Day. We love the way the message is communicated through the art of bodypainting. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication.

About the Project:

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