Kickstarter campain "Bodypainting Artventures Magazine Issue 5"

Hello everyone, please support and share the Kickstarter campaign (ends December 11th) from WBA member and photographer Dmitri Moisseev.

Your support will help publish the 5th issue of the Bodypainting Artventures magazine with many incredible images from Bodypainting Artventures Invitational Championship (BAIC), Season 1: Ancient Goddesses, World Bodypainting Festival 2023 and other events around the world.

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In loving memory of Julie Oliver

In loving memory of Julie Oliver

The WBF community mourns the loss of a cherished friend. The sudden onset of Julie's illness has left a void in the hearts of her family, friends, and colleagues.

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WBF, Generation Next - A Phenomenal Success

We are delighted to share the extraordinary success of the "WBF – Generation Next" festival, a vibrant celebration of artistic innovation and creativity in the world of bodypainting. This year, we marked the 26th edition of the festival, and it was held in an indoor venue, bringing immense joy to all participants, including photographers, models, and artists. The indoor setting provided a reliable and controlled environment, ensuring that everyone could fully immerse themselves in the competition, photo sessions, and stage presentations, free from the uncertainties of weather and lighting conditions.

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WBA Bodypainting Weekend in Hvar, Croatia

The WBA-supported event recently took place on the captivating island of Hvar, Croatia, marking a significant occasion in the realm of bodypainting.

Over the course of two consecutive days, seven exceptionally talented artists showcased their artistic prowess alongside their stunning models, mesmerizing spectators with their mastery.

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Painting Jam Session, Italy

Last weekend there was a big Italian Get together of artists in the town San Pietro in Casale near Bologna. The painting jam session was organized by artist Piera di Maio, she did an amazing job to gather allthis wonderful talents. Piera invited the WBA Chairman Alex Barendregt with Artist Manager Anna as a special surprize for the jam session participants and we were very warm welcomed. On that day we have seen 30 artists and models. Together with a hand full of great photographers they captured some world class artworks and after an exhausting and exciting day, everyone sat together for dinner, drinks and fun talks with a lot of laughter. We were honoured and happy to be a part of such an amazing group and enjoy talks about the stunning art they all created as well as about the future Championship at the WBF 2023. Thank you very much for the wonderful day! 

Dear Members, if you have activities like this, please let us know and we will feature a story on that here as well.

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France: French Awards 2022 - Results 2022

The French Bodypainting Awards 2022 organized by WB Production took place after a 2 years break last weekend on 14th - 16th May in Paris as part of the 51st Congrès International Esthétiques Spa. For the first time, there was also a 3rd category, Creative Make-up. For many artist, as well as for us as organisation team, it was the first big LIVE event since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Sea Glam Gala: Sound & Fashion Charity Evening in favour of Reefvillage

Gabi Hajek-Renner (internationally distinguished artist, WBA member and multiple world champion in bodypainting as well as owner of Austria’s Makeup School) has been working together with light artist and underwater photographer Martin Aigner and a dedicated team under the name “Reefvillage – Creating New Life!” for the creation of new habitats for the preservation of the underwater world. A number of unique projects have already been launched to raise money for the construction of coral reefs in regions where natural reefs have been destroyed.

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