Purple Brush Allure

Purple Brush Allure

Embrace Beauty,

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France is a country of high fashion, expensive wines, elaborate dishes, examplary cinema, classical perfumes and the best cosmetics. 

France is a country of art. The experience of more than 4 generations of skilled craftsmen, allowed us to get close to the perfection earned through years.  The perfection was embodied in the brushes by "Purple Brush Allure".One of the French and world's greatest factories that produce beauty 

products created 19  of long-awaited brushes of classic line "Purple Brush Allure Classic". 

Quality appreciated by world-famous luxury brands and fashion houses is now available to every owner of “Purple Brush Allure” brushes. 

Made of high quality materials and with unique technology used, proved by years which makes these brushes a magic wand in the 

hands of each master. Embrace beauty with the "Purple Brush Allure".


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